2016-17 SBIR Impact Companies

Cycle 3 Companies

Interim Logo Data3.Data Cubed Inc is a life science, precision medicine, tech company creating novel healthcare assets to advance new and existing drug/therapies efficacy rates and advance data driven clinical and research trials. The data collected will create ability for D3 to project into personal health ecosystems offering behavioral nudges and inform the greater healthcare community about treatments and wellness, with unprecedented precision.

Drink SaavyDrinkSavvy, Inc. is developing colorimetric chemical sensors that detect analytes, such as drugs, pathogens, bacteria, and explosives, for real-time detection in field use, without the need for secondary analysis using lab equipment or spectrometry. The chemical sensors will be embedded in plastic stirrers, straws and cups and provide a colorimetric signal to the consumer in order to prevent consumption of illicit drugs and ensuing drug-facilitated sexual assault and crime.

18711-NRZI4BMediVis is the augmented reality medical company with the mission to transform medical visualization through proprietary holographic rendering. MediVis was founded from the collaboration between a neurosurgeon, radiologist, and an engineering team to create the novel surgical solutions that are needed to most safely and intuitively perform invasive operations.
OculogicaOculogica is a neurodiagnostic company developing eye tracking technology for a fast, objective, baseline-independent assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury that will lead to more accurate diagnosis and more effective decisions about when a patient can return to work or play. These innovations will revolutionize treatment for the millions of Americans who will at some point suffer from a concussion during their lifetime, over 80% of whom are undiagnosed.
solvebio_logo_whiteSolveBio is a technology platform focused on enabling pharma, biotech, and diagnostic organizations to effectively connect and use external and internal genomic information. SolveBio extracts, evaluates, and unifies complex, disparate biomedical data for life science enterprises.

Stat Scientific is a medical device company developing a self-monitoring tool for individuals with hypertension (high blood pressure), utilizing a Weill Cornell patent. High sodium intake is a major contributor to hypertension. This device will allow for convenient, serial monitoring of sodium intake, in the physician’s office or at home, to guide changes in diet helpful to management of hypertension, reducing the need for medication and the risk of cardiovascular events such as stroke.

Cycle 2 Companies

click_logo-3Click Therapeutics, Inc. is the leader in Digital Therapeutics™, technology-based interventions to improve health outcomes through user engagement and neurobehavioral change. Click’s exceptional healthcare and technology team engineers, validates, and commercializes Digital Therapeutics™ solutions that work independently or in conjunction with biomedical treatments. The Clickometrics® adaptive data science platform continuously personalizes user experience to drive cognitive and behavioral outcomes.

csct-this-oneCSC Therapeutics, Inc. is a spinoff biotech company formed at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and dedicated to discovering and developing cancer treatments targeting cancer stem cells (CSC). The company has a patented platform technology to isolate, expand and characterize CSC for the purpose of screening drugs. The company has screened 5,000 drugs and has identified three drug candidates targeting CSCs, allowing the innate immune system to recognize CSCs as malignant cells.

fuse-this-oneFuse Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on designing new chemical biology approaches to treat a variety of diseases. Fuse is developing a number of drug development programs fueled by the application of advanced computation and simulation technologies. Fuse’s goal is to rapidly translate new modalities of small molecule therapeutic design to solve clear, unmet clinical needs.

massive_bio_logo_over_text-copy-this-oneMassive Bio provides cutting-edge concierge advisory services for precision oncology to cancer patients treated at community hospitals. Massive Bio translates the world class precision oncology knowledge of large cancer center experts, facilitates virtual molecular tumor board to each patient in the community, and then helps the patient and treating oncologist to operationalize these recommendations at the point of care without the need for additional time, travel and cost. Massive Bio achieves better patient outcomes while minimizing costs.

oculogicaOculogica is a neurodiagnostic company developing eye tracking technology for a fast, objective, baseline-independent assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury that will lead to more accurate diagnosis and more effective decisions about when a patient can return to work or play. These innovations will revolutionize treatment for the millions of Americans who will at some point suffer from a concussion during their lifetime, over 80% of whom are undiagnosed.

 is a digital health technology that works alongside heart failure care transition programs to provide outpatients with a personalized educational program and reduce 30-day re-hospitalizations. RecoverLINK is the focus of an IRB-approved study at Mount Sinai Hospital, and in-use by their advance heart failure patients. RecoverLINK won the 2015 NYU New Venture Competition, completed the 2016 ELabNYC program, and won the 2016 Digital Health Marketplace grant, funded by the NYCEDC and Health 2.0. www.recoverlink.com

Cycle 1 Companies

ABC Life SciencesABC Life Sciences is a developmental stage company with a drug-delivery platform technology that is selective to the kidney. We can encapsulate a drug into our nanoparticle and deliver it to the diseased kidney, potentially providing effective treatment without side effects. Currently, there are no effective treatments for the 26 million people in the US with kidney diseases. We believe our therapeutic approach addresses this market, which is increasing with an aging population.

Kadmon logo - blue - 5 26 15 (2)Kadmon is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of small molecules and biologics to address disease areas of significant unmet medical need. The company is developing product candidates within autoimmune and fibrotic diseases, oncology and genetic diseases.

Monogram Logo (1)Monogram Arthroplasty is the first company to combine patient matched, 3D printed hip implants with an ultra-precise surgical robot. Together, these technologies can give patients safer, more bone conserving, less invasive, and more stable anatomically accurate hip replacements than ever before possible.

morgan-mendell-logo_3Morgan and Mendel Genomics, Inc. is a development-stage medical and biotechnology device company that develops and commercializes genetic testing kits in the human, animal and plant genetic and genomic testing niche markets. The first products are based on discoveries and technology originating at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Einstein has applied for two patents for these inventions, and the company has negotiated an exclusive license.

Objective SafetyThe iRescU Project, is a development stage interdisciplinary system and software platform bridging the cloud, social engagement and augmenting key public safety data for public access defibrillator locations to save lives in out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest. It is a project of Objective Safety LLC, a knowledge transfer, systems safety focused company developing applied interdisciplinary safety solutions to address logistic and safety gaps in EMS systems advancing safety for the patient, provider and the public.

Phosphorus (2)Phosphorus is a computational genomics company based in New York City. Phosphorus develops powerful data-driven software that enables labs around the world deliver the most advanced clinical genetic tests. The company is committed to an active R&D program with an initial focus on decoding the genetic causes of infertility. Phosphorus is building a genomic data network that will help providers, researchers, and patients around the world better understand and harness the power of the human genome.

stirplateStirplate.io was created by scientists dedicated to storing, sharing, and analyzing their data in the cloud. Scientists generate massive amounts of data but lack the tools to work efficiently and collaboratively. Stirplate.io fixed this by building a cloud-based platform with abundant storage, unified collaboration tools, and real time analytics tools to save scientists hours of wasted time. Scientists can focus on what they do best while taking advantage of fresh insights, faster decision making and increased value from their data by using this platform.

Synthis LLC is a biotech company, focused on developing novel immuno-oncology therapeutics, to re-engage the immune system and eradicate metastatic melanoma. Specifically, we are focused on restoring T cell functions to enable immune-mediated tumor clearance. Our drug is clearly differentiated from current immune checkpoint inhibitors and can function both as a monotherapy and in combination therapies. Synthis is currently optimizing the 2nd generation of therapies to test in vivo and for clinical candidate development.