2015 SBIR Impact Companies

Cycle 3 Companies

ConCarLo, LLC is developing diagnostics and therapeutics to treat several types of cancer, including pancreatic and breast. ConCarLo, LLC is currently in pre-clinical stage development of small molecule and peptide-based therapeutics.

Intelligent Mobile Technology provides behavioral health support to millennials through peer-to-peer and expert support networks.

Reveal - betterReveal Analytics is developing a platform (a3s3healthaccess™) that integrates big data, analytics, visualization, cognitive computing and gamification to analyze data from remote sensor devices at home and other locations to improve health outcomes for targeted population groups. The company provides big data, analytics, technical research, software development and six sigma services. ValueManager™ is its web-based enterprise solution that enables clients to make reliable and predictive decisions.

stirplateStirplate is an automated platform for scientists to store, share and analyze their data in the cloud. Scientists generate massive amounts of data but lack the tools to work efficiently and collaboratively. Stirplate fixed this by building a cloud-based platform with abundant storage, unified collaboration tools, and real time analytics tools to save scientists hours of wasted time.

Thernosticalogo (2)Theranostica is developing a novel form of anti-inflammatory therapy based on omega-3 fatty acids. Its patented nanoparticle technology is formulated for the rapid targeted delivery of these natural compounds to a site of inflammation via intravenous injection. Simultaneously, this platform can assess treatment efficacy via real time and label-free monitoring of the inflammatory process from start to resolution. With this image-guided therapy, Theranostica aims to identify and treat inflamed atherosclerotic plaque at risk of causing a heart attack or stroke — the two leading causes of deaths in the world.

Patient Enrollment Advisor’s recruitment and retention platform is designed with real people and real lives in mind. Its advocate-based approach opens the lines of communication with study participants to reduce the uncertainty of the clinical trial process, which leads to better engagement and retention. The company believes that taking a humanistic approach to the clinical trial experience will ultimately help the health care industry quickly and safely bring products to market, and change the perception of clinical research.

wellth_square (2)Wellth allows payers and ACOs to maximize the value of every dollar spent on the care of high cost chronic disease patients. By nudging patients towards evidence-based care options and by motivating and tracking healthy habits, they can measurably improve population quality metrics like HbA1c in diabetics. They apply the principles of Value-Based Insurance Design that are now being incorporated into numerous health plans and policies nationwide.

Cycle 2 Companies

adjuvance_logo450Adjuvance Technologies is a biopharma company focused on empowering global health through fundamental breakthroughs in vaccine adjuvant design and manufacturing. Adjuvance has developed a platform of proprietary synthetic saponin adjuvants which are more stable, more potent and safer than natural saponin adjuvants. Adjuvance is developing a robust pipeline of these novel adjuvants in infectious disease, biodefense and therapeutic indications.

Ardent Cell Technologies is developing Thermograft – a therapy for obesity and type II diabetes.  Thermograft transforms “energy-storing” white adipose tissue (WAT) into “energy-burning” brown adipose tissue (BAT).  BAT naturally boosts metabolism through heat generation (Thermogenesis) in response to cold or excess caloric intake, and clinical studies have shown increasing BAT leads to body fat loss and improvement of diabetes symptoms.  Thermograft increases BAT in a safe and controlled manner without drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

Bind HealthBind Health is a digital health platform that helps individuals and families make informed decisions about genomic testing, starting in human reproduction, as a subscription service. Subscribing individuals & families will be able to receive professional counseling on genomic testing decisions, consolidate and monitor their genomic information on a Personal Genomic Dashboard, and get personalized updates throughout the new era of clinical genomics.

cynvec_logoCynvec was founded to commercialize innovative safe and effective cancer treatments based on intellectual property exclusively licensed from New York University.  Cynvec’s first novel vaccine, CYN-101, targets ovarian cancer. It utilizes the anti-cancer properties of a bioengineered form of the natural occurring Sindbis virus (SV). The company is in the process of completing pre-clinical testing and preparing an Investigative New Drug application (IND) for CYN-101.

Cycle 1 Companies

CoheroHealthcohero-logoRGB (2) offers an integrated mobile solution for the respiratory market that tracks, motivates and rewards improved treatment compliance.  With its patented, wireless devices, the company enables remote, at-home data capture of both lung function and adherence metrics, leveraging meaningful predictive pulmonary data to reduce costs and improve care of the 50 million Americans with asthma or COPD.

Curevax logoCureVax, LLC, is primarily engaged in developing cancer immunotherapeutic vaccines with a focus on melanoma. CureVax scientists have developed a recombinant, IL-2-secreting vaccinia virus-based, multivalent antigen retrieval platform using five proprietary patient derived melanoma cells. The vaccine (DC-MelVac) is patent protected in the U.S. and has FDA IND approval for use in clinical trials.  DC-MelVac will be tested in the prevention of melanoma recurrences and the treatment of metastases. The vaccine and its platform, can be used in combination with existing therapeutic approaches and have large market potential,  and the proprietary technology is easily adaptable to other cancers, enhancing the market potential several fold.

HyperfinelogoHyperfine is developing advanced precision medicine analytics software for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s software includes patent-pending analytics methods that solve two of the biggest roadblocks in identifying precision medicine.  Doctors can use Hyperfine software to analyze patient and disease data to identify precision medicine for patients with complex diseases like cancer.  Medical researchers can use the software to gain a deeper understanding of complex diseases and, therefore, develop more targeted treatments for them.

InVivo logoInVivo Analytics is a preclinical optical imaging innovation company with an exclusive patented software and hardware suite, InVivoPLOT. This sophisticated web-based system transforms current small animal optical imaging platforms into devices that can acquire quantitative 3D images. InVivoPLOT is designed to seamlessly incorporate into current drug discovery and development systems.  InVivo Analytics offers custom image analysis services and consulting for all optical imaging projects.

NomoCan Pharmaceuticals LLC is focusing on utilizing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and peptides as targeted therapeutic agents to fight various types of cancer, including pancreatic and gynecologic cancers. NomoCan Pharmaceuticals is currently in pre-clinical stage of developing a pancreatic cancer-specific mAb.