2013 SBIR Impact Companies

Cycle 3 Companies


BioZAP LLC is helping oncologists provide their patients with better outcomes.  Due to the heterogeneity of individual tumors, efforts to-date have yet to provide a “one-size-fits-all” cancer treatment.  BioZAP has therefore developed a novel solution using Bio-microfluidic approaches to evaluate multiple potential anti-cancer drugs on patient-specific biopsy samples.  This approach will allow healthcare providers to predict which therapy will prove most effective before beginning clinical treatment.

CytoDel holds the exclusive license for technology which enables production of recombinant Botulinum Neurotoxin (BoNT) derivatives with customized properties.  CytoDel’s technology also enables the delivery of drugs to the cytosol of neurons and is currently being used to develop a BoNT antidote for biodefense under a $6,5 million NIH award that supports development of CytoDel’s platform to an IND-ready stage.

Entertaining Health, LLC (EH) is developing platform technology to promote health behaviors and data gathering on chronic disease risk factors. The platform engages patients with their social and health networks, and relevant geospatial variables to improve health outcomes. EH utilizes data analytics to integrate these social determinants of health with clinical data. Products assist healthcare providers and payors in managing risk within populations.

EpiBone is a revolutionary company that will allow the 900K US patients undergoing bone-related surgeries each year to “grow their own bone”. Our pioneering technology utilizes scans of patients’ bone defects and their own stem cells to engineer personalized bone grafts. EpiBone offers surgeons simplified procedures and patients improved bone formation/regeneration, and shorter recovery times, without the complications of synthetic implants.


The Image Reading Center is an Imaging CRO focused on the utilization of Advanced Imaging Biomarkers in multicenter Clinical Trials. Over 15 years of experience has led to the development of a software platform for the implementation of complex imaging protocols and reduction of technical errors. The “training module” will utilize an interactive, virtual environment; the “quality control module” will automate the process of reviewing technical parameters; and the “analytics module” will provide metrics and statistical insights.

Solvuu is building software for large-scale genomics data.

Symbiotic Health leverages the power of microbial communities to treat dangerous infections that are caused by imbalance in gut bacteria ecosystem.  We aim to produce effective, low-cost therapeutics to provide patients and health care providers with practical, powerful tools to re-establish healthy gut homeostasis.

TalkSession is a healthcare technology company developing web-based solutions to improve access, relevancy and remote connection in mental healthcare.

Cycle 2 Companies


ABI plans to develop a new class of small molecule drugs that, through autophagy modulation, cure neurodegenerative diseases characterized by deposits in the brain of protein aggregates such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s. Although neurodegenerative disease is the initial focus, autophagy modulation also has been linked to stroke and various cancers, and so building a robust patent portfolio ultimately may result in a family of products based on variations to a small molecule scaffold that may cure, ease or delay the onset of various neurological and other diseases.

Cellray Technologies

Cellray Technologies aims to generate induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines from donated skin or blood and use these cells to test for potential new drug therapeutics and treatments for neurodegenerative disease in terms of toxicology and efficacy.

HistoWiz is a histology outsourcing service company for cancer researchers in academia and industry. HistoWiz guarantees a 3 day turnaround-time from wet tissue submission to whole-slide digital result delivery and provides a cancer image database, low cost digital data management, and mouse cancer pathology expertise. Our mission is to fight cancer cooperatively instead of individually by connecting scientists and pathologists for online collaboration.

InVivo Analytics is a pre-clinical small animal image analysis company focusing on optical reporter systems. Its patented optical image analysis software suite, InVivoPLOT, is designed to seamlessly incorporate into current drug discovery and development systems using small animal models of human disease. The company’s ultimate goal is to facilitate drug discovery and reduce drug attrition rates. InVivo Analytics will deliver a rapid and robust turnaround of optical imaging data into an executable report.

Nanometics LLC is a privately owned, National Institutes of Health funded biotechnology company founded in 2006 by Dr. Steven Isaacman. The research team consists of world-class researchers and clinicians focused on the design and fabrication of novel molecules and materials for the pharmaceutical and personal care markets.

Oligomerix is a biopharmaceutical company focused on small molecule drug discovery, immunotherapy approaches, and biomarker assay development for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other neurodegenerative disorders. Its platform is based on small neurotoxic aggregates of proteins such as tau oligomers, an important target for AD and other tauopathies characterized by the progressive accumulation of tau aggregates.

Cycle 1 Companies

Avicenna Pharmaceuticals Inc.
 designs and synthesizes agents targeting diseases that have an inflammatory underlining, such as cancer, heart disease, and various neurodegenerative diseases. Its NOSH agents release nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide, two gasotransmitters of physiological relevance, and are based on various platforms such non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These agents are active in the low nano-molar range and are devoid of any side effects. The company has shown the agents’ utility in colon, breast, and pancreatic cancers using animal models. Principal Investigator: Khosrow Kashfi

Ai Cure Technologies
 is a digital health solutions company focused on the development of interactive and flexible computer vision technologies. These technologies accurately and effectively monitor medication adherence in clinical trials and ongoing care settings. Principal Investigator: Adam Hanina

Celmatix Inc.
 is a biotechnology company committed to streamlining the diagnosis and treatment of female infertility. They are currently developing the world’s first non-invasive, genetics-based female infertility diagnostic tests, which will help doctors guide women to fertility treatments most likely to work for them, improve the outcomes of those treatments, and identify at-risk women before they become infertile while options such as egg freezing are still available to them. Principal Investigator: Piraye Yurttas Beim

ELIA LifeTechnology’s
 goal is to profitably bring greater independence, literacy and employment to people who have a visual impairment by developing innovative tactile computer hardware and software that meet their daily needs. Over time the company’s expects to replace current tactile printing and display technology with technology that supports all alphabets as well as tactile and visual graphics. Principal Investigator: Andrew Chepaitis

 helps healthcare organizations facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring. The company works with hospitals, health plans, and patient foundations to improve health outcomes and enhance their patient experience. Principal Investigator: Ashwin Patel

 was founded in 2006 with NIH and investor funding to advance its drug discovery program for Alzheimer’s disease and related tauopathies by targeting tau oligomers that cause disease symptoms and progression. The company is developing small molecule drugs to inhibit the formation of tau oligomers and to inhibit their proteolytic activity. Antibodies are also being developed for immunotherapeutics and biomarkers against this target. Principal Investigator: James Moe

Rgenix is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company with a mission to develop the world’s first cancer therapies designed specifically to target cancer metastasis, the main cause of mortality in cancer patients. The company’s approach has led to the discovery of novel metastasis therapeutics targets for several aggressive cancer subtypes, including triple-negative breast cancer, melanoma and colorectal cancer. Principal Investigator: Isabel Kurth

Somtherapeutics, Inc.
 is focused on developing somatostatin peptide analog-based therapies and diagnostics for rare diseases, including acromegaly and Cushing’s disease as well as malignant neuroendocrine tumors, carcinoid tumors, and malignant pheochromocytoma. Principal Investigator: Alan Harris