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Cycle 3 Companies

ShelbyBioTech LLC developed the technology used for the FDA approved treatment for Fabry disease. The current project is to develop a patent for the convenient and rapid newborn screening method for Fabry disease and related lysosomal storage disorders. The goal of a Phase I STTR proposal is to develop a prototype instrument that is reliable and suitable for use by personnel in existing diagnostic laboratories without additional training or the use of expensive dedicated instruments.

Somatix derives physical and emotional symptoms from simple hand gestures, utilizing sensors built into a range of wearables to remotely detect, analyze, gain insights from and act on massive volumes of body motion data. The platform additionally employs machine learning to apply personalized CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) driven intervention that increase individuals’ treatment adherence and efficacy. Somatix technology reinvents addictions treatments methods and redefines remote monitoring for better care.

SurgiVance is an early-stage company that aims to improve cancer patient care by expediting and refining pathology. Its novel hardware and software combine to form a pathology system that aims to render real-time diagnostics rapidly at the point of care.

TARA Biosystems, Inc. is pioneering ‘heart-on-a-chip’ tissue models, derived from human iPS cells, which enable faster, safer, and more reliable development of new medicines. By producing engineered human cardiac tissues that exhibit unprecedented functional maturity and measuring integrated cardiac function, TARA’s platforms are innovating predictive cardiac physiology.


Cycle 2 Companies

BioHealthWays, Inc. is a drug delivery solutions and specialty biopharmaceutical company. Empowered by polymeric nanotechnology, its drug delivery systems achieve better controlled release, safety, and efficacy drug profiles for critical next-generation protein and nucleic-acid therapies. For example, its sustained release of biologic therapies in the eye fight preventable blindness diseases like serious cases of glaucoma and retinal neovascularization.

FesariusTherapeutics intends to develop the patent-pending microstructure-containing gel scaffold technology for the acellular dermal replacement and wound care markets through the launch of its product family. The first item the company plans to market is a set of engineered tissue scaffold products for the skin and dermal layers. The advancement of such products aim to benefit those with wounds resulting from burns, plastic surgery, tumor removal, and other forms of trauma.

Lab11 Therapeutics is developing broad spectrum antiviral drugs. The company utilizes human genetics to lead the drug discovery and development of therapeutics targeting host responses to viral infections.


Sevengenes is an early stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing drugs by significantly enhancing the solubility, bioavailability and efficacy of new molecules and approved hydrophobic drugs while minimizing systemic toxicity. The first drug product is the combination of the novel excipient, 7GEN and Triptolide molecule combination. Preclinical results with xenograft and orthotopic Pancreatic cancer models have yielded excellent results on this new drug product (Triptolide+7GEN).


Cycle 1 Companies

Call9 Inc. is a medical technology company that delivers bedside emergency care to nursing home patients. Through proprietary software solutions and hardware integrations on-site emergency responders are connected to remote emergency physicians. The physicians are able to see the patient and their vitals, and perform EKG, telemetry, ultrasound and other diagnostics remotely via the on-site clinician. In this way Call9 Inc. prevents up to 80% of hospitalizations in the nursing homes we operate in.

Concarlo Holdings, LLC (Concarlo) is focused on addressing unmet needs in oncology and is developing therapeutics and diagnostics that target cdk4 dependent cancers.

Curie Co was founded in 2017 to develop engineered enzymes and biocompatible materials with the goal of creating a suite of sustainable consumer products in addition to sustainable manufacturing technologies. Curie Co is focused on engineering 6-10 enzymes to transform the manufacturing processes of six commercial verticals including consumer healthcare, pharmaceutical/biopharma, cosmetics, household, leather, and textiles.

East River BioSolutions is revolutionizing the $6B+ cell culture market with its first-in-class tissue-specific biomaterials, enabling faster, more accurate and actionable results for scientists working in pharmaceutical development, cell biology research and regenerative medicine. Rather than isolated components or synthetic materials, the Company’s innovative patent-pending TissueSpec™ products provide a natural, physiological cell culture environment in which to develop, test and deliver treatments and cures to patients more quickly and less expensively.

Ichor Biologics specializes in the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to treat infectious diseases. Our company has developed a platform for characterizing and isolating pathogen-specific antibodies from convalescent patients. This platform allows us to preserve neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibody functions, thereby increasing the likelihood of in-vivo efficacy. Our initial disease targets include viral infections, such as Hantaviruses, CMV, and HBV.

Jotteq, Inc. has developed a proprietary eye drop delivery system, with initial application for Rx medicines. This disruptive technology replaces the 130-year-old process still used in current dispensers that is difficult to use, messy, wasteful, and contributes to a 50% patient non-compliance in Glaucoma.

New York R&D Center for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, Inc. is a company focused on the R&D and commercialization of new nutraceutical drugs for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis (OA). Through a targeting screening process, based on a new set of OA pathogenic biomarkers, the company has developed a novel formulation of nutraceuticals which effectively slow OA disease progression, relieve OA-related joint pain, improve joint function, and is non-toxic. http://nytmt.com/

Syntegrity Biomedical is developing novel solutions for tissue repair and regeneration. Our first product addresses the high re-tear rate (~ 94%) of current rotator cuff tendon repair procedures. Extensive pre-clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of our fully-synthetic, acellular approach to faithfully regenerate the tendon-to-bone interface. Regeneration of this interface is the key to preventing re-tears and enabling patients to return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

YouV Labs Shade’s mission is to give lupus warriors peace of mind by empowering them to monitor their UV exposure and enjoy their time outside with peace of mind. Shade is the world’s first clinical-grade UV sensor.